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Wayne Rooney-An All Time Great

A young boy steps onto the pitch into the cauldron that is the Theatre of Dreams. This boy with a £30 million price tag to his name and expectations like no other shows the world what he can do. Clive Tyldesley said never to forget his name. Thirteen years and 250 goals later, his name will never be forgotten by any football fan.

Growing up as a Manchester United fan I had two favourite players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. From this time, whenever someone asked me, who my role model is, I would respond that it is Rooney. His tenacity and never say die attitude on the pitch was a great inspiration to me. He was the reason for my dream of wanting to play professional football. Although this never worked out for me, his impact on my life cannot be understated.

I may not have always watched every game in which Rooney has worn the United shirt, but when I did there was always that feeling in me that if we needed a goal to win or draw the game, Rooney would be the one to deliver, and deliver he did.

His record-breaking 250th goal could not have come in more of a Rooney fashion. An incredible free kick that earned a point for United when no one could seem to crack the Stoke City defence epitomised the player that Rooney is.

Although his feisty nature got him into trouble on a number of occasions, without it, I am sure there is no way he would have become that the player that he is.

All the criticism that Rooney has been given over the past few years, is unfounded as he gave so much to the club that he never deserved any of it. Although he may have lost that scoring touch that he had, he is still the same player that stepped onto the Old Trafford pitch thirteen years ago.

Unfortunately, he did not get the true send-off that he deserves while in the United shirt with the criticism that he faced as well as not being able to feature in a large portion of the games over the last couple campaigns. Fortunately, the last time he wore a United shirt was lifting the Europa League trophy but again he did not play in the final.

Hopefully when he returns to Old Trafford on 17 September he will get the proper send-off that a legend such as he deserves.


Manchester United Review Part Two: Goalkeepers


Throughout the course of the season, United had two goalkeepers who took charge of the goal. These two keepers were David de Gea and Sergio Romero.

David de Gea

David De Gea

It was business as usual when it comes to de Gea this season. Besides for a small error during the 1-1 draw at Stoke City, de Gea had a flawless campaign once again. His save from Phillipe Coutinho’s wonder hit earlier in the season during the 0-0 bore draw at Anfield.

The interest from Real Madrid for de Gea is not unfounded. It is the first season in the last four that de Gea was not voted as the United player of the season. It was the first time watching United, in the last four seasons, that I felt that for most of the games this season, de Gea did not carry United to most of the wins this season. He did, however, grant United a few extra points than should have been such as his save mentioned above.

Whenever the ball travelled towards de Gea’s goal this season, as with other seasons before, I was always confident that de Gea would perform a miracle and deny the opposition from scoring. Even when it seemed impossible for him to save it, I still believed that he was able to perform the miracle.

If de Gea was to leave by the end of the transfer window, which does not seem likely at the moment, it would been a tragic moment due to the influence and confidence he inspires into the team and fans will be lost. No matter who de Gea is replaced by, it would be difficult for that keeper to live up to de Gea’s high standards. However, when de Gea was signed a few seasons ago, there were also doubts that he would be able live up to Edwin van de Sar and Peter Schmeichel. Even with de Gea’s rough start, he came right in the end.

Sergio Romero

This season, Romero proved to be a worthy understudy for de Gea, stepping up to the big occasion when Mourinho required it of him. This happened on a number of occasions when Mourinho placed Romero as the Europa League goalkeeper.

Although during the games, he was not entirely troubled but he still was calm under pressure, rarely making any calamitous mistakes. Every time that Romero was on the team sheet, I was never worried that he was not playing but the fact that de Gea was not.

Sergio Romero
Watching Romero in the Europa League final made me feel calm. On every occasion that the camera panned onto his face, which was not often, he seemed focused and in the zone. This made me confident that he is ready for any challenge during the game and in the future if he stays for longer.

Manchester United 2016/2017 Season Review Part One:Team as a Whole

For Manchester United, the 2016/2017 season ended on a high with the 2-0 triumph over Ajax in Stockholm. However, it was not always like that for United this season, who saw a disappointing Premier League campaign.

Expectations At the Beginning of the Season

The season had started with United being one of the favourites to lift the Premier League title at the end of the season. After the first three games it seemed that the two Manchester clubs were the front-runners.

The two teams met at Old Trafford on the 10th of September 2016 after the international break. A poor display resulted from the Red Devils that ended in a 2-1 victory for Man City which could have been a lot more. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s goal came against the run of play and thanks to a mistake from Claudio Bravo, who had a terrible rest of the season.manchester-united-manchester-city-manchester-derby-premier-league-football-zlatan-ibrahimovic_3783250

From the game against City and on wards, United did not seem to be the team to win the Premier League, especially with the 3-1 loss to Watford a week later.

Premier League Season as a Whole

As the season progressed, things went from bad to worse for United. Draw after draw resulted, especially at Old Trafford, which was once a fortress under Ferguson and incited fear into the visiting opponents. A total of 15 draws, 10 of them at home, slipped United down the table and caused them to spend most of the season in sixth place.

The season met an all time low at two points in the season. The 0-0 draw against Liverpool at Anfield was one of the most disappointing games that I have witnessed as a Manchester United fan. With Mourinho bringing out his ‘park the bus’ tactics against a team who in the previous year had beaten them twice under the leadership of Louis Van Gaal, even scoring three in one of the games. At the beginning of the season there were indications that the Ferguson days were back at Old Trafford but the draw against Liverpool showed that this was not the case.

The second all time low point was the 4-0 defeat at the hands of Chelsea in October 2016. The defeat signaled the end to United’s for the title and started the Chelsea’s run towards the title. The game showed no fight from United players after the early goal from Pedro and it seemed like the players were not going to extreme lengths to win the game.

Despite United’s long unbeaten run of 25 games in the Premier League that was only ended by Arsenal late on in the season when Mourinho had turned his focus towards the Europa League, United still finished in sixth place in a Europa League spot, that without the Europa League win granting United a Champions League berth, would have been disastrous.

One of United’s best displays of the season was the 2-0 triumph over the Premier League champions. For almost the whole game United were on top and prevented Chelsea from playing. Ander Herrera, Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard were among the best players in the game, giving it their all to win the game. This game does make me hopeful for the next season as we showed how dominant we can be.

Europa League and EFL Cup Win

Two more trophies since Ferguson’s reign, but it is not enough. With the FA Cup last year, United have only won three legitimate trophies in four years.  Two trophies is not bad but considering that the two trophies we won are considered second tier competitions means that is a problem. Most fans celebrated the two cups in ways that we would have only celebrated had we won the Premier League or Champions League under Ferguson.

The Europa League was United’s saving grace this season as without it, there would be no Champions League football for the second straight season which under Ferguson would never have been imagined. In a tournament where United were the better team it was no surprise that they ended up lifting the trophy in Stockholm but there were too many close calls during the campaign. United were not good enough and should not have been in the final had it not been for John Guidetti missing an open goal in the final moments of the semi-final second leg.


Wayne Rooney lifting Europa League Trophy

When it comes to the EFL Cup, based on the teams that United had to face they should have most definitely won the Cup. The only team which United, on paper, should not necessarily beat on every occasion, was Manchester City. This game came a week and a half after United’s defeat at the hands their City rivals.

When it came to the final, United were the favourites. In the build-up, Mourinho complained about the fact that United had played so many games in the last couple weeks as opposed to Southampton not playing for a number of days. This kind of complaint carried on throughout most of the rest of the season. From the outset United seemed lethargic and struggled to maintain possession of the ball.Wayne Rooney lifting EFL Cup

Only once Ibrahimovic scored a tremendous free-kick did United gain some control of the game. The end scoreline was 3-2 to United but it could have been a completely different game had Mauro Gabbiadini’s finish wrongly being called offside. United survived a scare and lifted their second major trophy since Ferguson.  As with the Europa League, the cup triumph is not nearly enough.


All in all, United’s 2016/2017 season was still a failure despite winning the Europa League and EFL Cup. These two forms of the Champions League and Fa Cup respectively. Had the performances in the cup competitions been more convincing then the season could possibly be classed as a success. The Premier League campaign was abysmal not only with the sixth placed finish but also the fact that there were so many draws and not enough convincing wins throughout the campaign.